I started this project with no idea why I was doing what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to make photos that made the viewers feel something. It took me months to realize I was creating portraits of objects representative of how I see myself in this crazy mixed up world.

My photos are meant to be representations of stages in my journey through life. This series is shot entirely in a two-block radius of my current home. It is meant as a study of the area I live in and the changes that appear to go on, as I attempt to understand the changes that go on in my own life. Each image is shot exactly how I find it; every object in the images are meant as metaphors to communicate with the viewer. For example, there are reoccurring themes of closed off areas in my photos, where many images have an inviting path to bring the viewer in then a flat wall or closed door. These are meant as a representation of a period in my life when I struggled with letting people in.

In some of my photos you may feel alone and confused, and in some you may feel full and happy. My photos are mirrors looking back at my past, present, and future experiences.